Date: 2023-12-14 06:32:26
Vehicle: BMW X5 2001
License Plate: HQM-845
Mileage: 500
Inspection Conducted By: Admin

Comparison Summary:
This report provides a comparison between the pre-rental and post-rental condition of the BMW X5 2001 vehicle, focusing on changes and new damages identified through AI analysis of photos taken by the app.

1. Damage Status:

Body Condition and Exterior state
Pre State

none : 0

Post State

Bumper : 0.78, Fender : 0.35

This pre-inspection report provides a visual assessment of the BMW X5 2001 vehicle's condition as of 2023-12-14 06:32:26, based on user-uploaded photos and AI analysis. It is designed to identify obvious and surface-level damages or issues. For a comprehensive mechanical inspection, a professional vehicle check is recommended.

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