Our Services Tailored for You

"At DETECONOLOGY, we offer a range of AI-powered inspection services to meet the diverse needs of the rental market. From cars to homes to tools, our technology ensures accurate, reliable, and objective assessments. Discover how our services can transform your rental experience."

Car Rental Inspection

"Perfect for rental agencies and individual car owners, our car rental inspection service provides a thorough assessment of vehicle condition before and after rental. Our AI-driven app identifies damages, wear and tear, ensuring a fair and transparent process for both parties."

Real Estate Inspection

"For property managers, landlords, and tenants, our real estate inspection service offers peace of mind. From apartments to vacation homes, our app captures detailed images and generates comprehensive reports on the property's condition, streamlining the rental process."

Tool and Equipment Rental Inspection

"Our service extends to tools and equipment, providing precise damage reports for items like power tools, construction equipment, and more. Ensure the protection of your assets with detailed pre- and post-rental inspections."

Personal Property Rental Inspection

"Renting out personal items? Our app covers a wide range of personal properties, including electronics, bicycles, and more. Get accurate condition reports and safeguard your belongings with ease."

Subscription Plans

"We offer various subscription plans to suit different needs and scales. Whether you're an individual renter or a large rental company, we have a plan that's right for you. Explore our subscription options for more features, benefits, and services."

Tailored Solutions

"We understand that every rental situation is unique. Contact us to discuss tailored solutions that fit your specific requirements."