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"Quick and Easy Inspections"

Step 1

Capture - Simply take pictures of the rental item using your phone.

Step 2

Upload - Let our AI analyze the photos for any signs of damage.

Step 3

Report - Receive an instant, objective damage report.

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About Us

At DETECONOLOGY, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionize the way rental damages are assessed. Say goodbye to subjective judgments and lengthy disputes. Our mobile app simplifies property inspections, providing clear, objective, and comprehensive damage reports. Whether it's a car, an apartment, or a power tool, ensure peace of mind with DETECONOLOGY.

Redefining Rental Inspections

DETECONOLOGY, a platform offering AI-driven damage detection services for various rental situations. The website will serve as the primary digital interface for potential and existing users to learn about and engage with our services.

Our Services

Car Rentals

Perfect for rental agencies and individual car owners, our car rental inspection service provides a thorough assessment of vehicle condition before and after rental.

Real Estate

For property managers, landlords, and tenants, our real estate inspection service offers peace of mind.

Tool Rentals

Our service extends to tools and equipment, providing precise damage reports for items like power tools

Personal Property Rentals

Renting out personal items? Our app covers a wide range of personal properties, including electronics, bicycles, and more

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Experience the Ease of AI-Powered
Rental Inspections

Step-by-Step Guide

Download the App

Download the DETECONOLOGY app from the App Store or Google Play. Create your account with just a few taps to begin your hassle-free inspection journey.

Prepare for Inspection

Whether you're inspecting a car, apartment, or a tool, our app guides you through the preparation process. Just select the type of rental and follow the simple instructions for a smooth inspection experience.

Capture Images

Use your smartphone to take pictures of the rental item. Our app assists you in capturing all necessary angles to ensure a comprehensive inspection.

AI Analysis

Once uploaded, our AI algorithm swiftly analyzes the images. It detects and documents any signs of damage, from minor scratches to significant wear and tear, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed

Receive Your Report

After analysis, receive a detailed damage report directly in the app. This report includes descriptions and images of identified damages, providing a clear and objective assessment.

Review and Share

Review the report, add any additional comments, and easily share it with other parties involved.

Transforming Rental Inspections with AI-Powered Precision

Objective, Efficient, and Trustworthy Damage Reports for All
Your Rental Needs

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As a landlord, DETECONOLOGY has made my life so much easier. It's fast, efficient, and removes any ambiguity from property inspections.

Hazel Nutt | Designation

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