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Rental Inspections

"DETECONOLOGY revolutionizes rental inspections by combining user-friendly mobile technology with advanced AI algorithms. Our process eliminates the guesswork and subjectivity of traditional inspections, providing a fast, reliable, and objective assessment of rental property conditions. Here's how our innovative app works:"

Step-by-Step Guide

Download the App

Download the DETECONOLOGY app from the App Store or Google Play. Create your account with just a few taps to begin your hassle-free inspection journey.

Prepare for Inspection

Whether you're inspecting a car, apartment, or a tool, our app guides you through the preparation process. Just select the type of rental and follow the simple instructions for a smooth inspection experience.

Capture Images

Use your smartphone to take pictures of the rental item. Our app assists you in capturing all necessary angles to ensure a comprehensive inspection.

AI Analysis

Once uploaded, our AI algorithm swiftly analyzes the images. It detects and documents any signs of damage, from minor scratches to significant wear and tear, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed

Receive Your Report

After analysis, receive a detailed damage report directly in the app. This report includes descriptions and images of identified damages, providing a clear and objective assessment.

Review and Share

Review the report, add any additional comments, and easily share it with other parties involved.

FAQs and Support

Have questions about how to use the app? Visit our FAQ section or contact our support team for personalized assistance.

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